The FreeThinking Podcast

Ep 20: Kate Willard OBE, Thames Estuary Growth Board

April 5, 2022

Today on The FreeThinking Podcast, we have Kate Willard OBE - Chair of the Thames Estuary Growth Board and the Thames Estuary Envoy - spearheading action at an extra-ordinary scale.


Kate has extensive experience as a consultant, working on a diverse portfolio of infrastructure and growth projects. She has also worked across Europe as a Regeneration Expert with the European Commission and established the first UK-Hungarian cultural partnership trust, so she understands the strength in connection. She talks to us about the power of the Thames Estuary as an activator and innovator in transport, sustainability, exports, tech... the list goes on! Spoken from the heart, Kate shows us how being in a good place isn't just a matter of location - but of growth, too.


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